About RedApple

At a Glance

RedApple delivers superb educational programs and innovative extracurricular activities to students of K-12 nationwide.
Our Mission

Our objective is to empower our students to excel from social intelligence to academic achievement through various mission-drive engagements.

Star Teachers

Ms. Huang is a graduate of Changsha Normal University with major in Pre-school Education and a professionally-trained Orff music education specialist for primary education. Additionally, she possesses a certificate of advanced training provided by Mia-Mia Child and Family Study Center, Macquarie University in Australia….



Dr. Zhang obtained a MS degree in Special Education from State University College at Buffalo, New York, and then PH.D. degree from the same school. He has been responsible for teaching advanced math classes and working as Math Olympiads Coach for 15 years…



Ms. Ma graduated with her Master degree in Education and possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She once worked in a public elementary school and became one of the best teachers for her effective classroom management, creative lesson plans, and highly praised instructional delivery….