Cancellation and Refund

Class is cancelled by RedApple

  1. All of our programs follow the MCPS inclement weather school closing policy. If MCPS cancels school, RedApple is closed.

  2. For all after school programs, if MCPS cancels school sponsored after school activities due to emergency situations, RedApple will also be closed.

  3. No fees shall be refunded under the situations mentioned above.

Program/class is cancelled by the parent/guardian(s)

  1. A student may be dropped off from any registered or undergoing programs by the parent/guardian(s) at any time with 30-day’s written notice in advance. Registration fee shall NOT be refunded. See the refund policy of deposit in Deposit session.

  2. It is considered that the program is terminated or suspended by the parent/guardian(s) if the tuition fee is past due for up to 30 days. The student(s) will be discharged from the program immediately.

  3. A class may be cancelled by the parent/guardian(s) due to illness of the student or any other reasons. Fees shall NOT be refunded.

The RedApple Education Corp reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.