After School Chinese Language Class – Introduction

This class is designated for the students who do NOT speak Chinese at all. Chinese characters will be introduced via fun and interactive Situational Teaching method. Cross-culture education will be promoted to broaden horizons of students.

Program Description

The goal of the class is to develop students’ basic Mandarin utilization skills by speaking, listening, reading and writing Chinese language in a situational learning environment. The students will be able to have simple conversations in Chinese in daily life. Students will learn simplified Chinese characters and standard Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Moreover, the class will be integrating Chinese culture to promote students’ cross-cultural awareness and understanding. In order to get extra exposure to Chinese beyond what the students can get inside the classroom, online resources will be widely used to help the students learn Chinese Mandarin at the non-Chinese speaking environment.

Class Options

Introduction Level I
Frequency: Once a week
Number of weeks per session: 12
Number of total classes per session: 12
Duration of each class: 60 minutes
Pre-requisition: None

Introduction Level II
Frequency: Once a week
Number of weeks per session: 20
Number of total classes per session: 20
Duration of each class: 60 minutes
Pre-requisition: Introduction Level I

Sample Cirriculum

Introduction Level I

Class 1: About Me

  • Greetings
  • Vocabulary and phases about “me” and “my family”
  • Listening skills
  • Learn names of some Family members and animals

Class 2: My Family

  • Introduce family members
  • Express love for family and its members
  • Understand family and friendship

Class 3: Color of Fall

  • Fall activities and colors
  • Understand facts of Fall
  • Fall colors activities

And more……

Introduction Level II

Class 1: Chinese New Year (CNY)

  • Understand CNY customs through folk stories
  • Summary of the importance of CNY in Chinese culture

Class 2: Numbers 1-10

  • Count and recognize up to 10
  • Write 1-10 number in order
  • Count up from 1 – 10 and dowfrom 10 – 1

Class 3: My home & Place I Live

  • Identify the rooms in a house and describe the function of different rooms
  • Describe the function of each room
  • Describe what I can do at each room
  • Name the town where I live

And more……